Pokou Princesse Ashanti, the first 3D animation movie from Cote d’Ivoire produced by Afrikatoon.

Synopsis: Abla Poku is an eighteenth-century Princess from the kingdom of the Ashanti people. She is an influential advisor to King Opokou Ware. One day, she learns that the King’s best friend, Kongouê Bian is plotting a coup against him to take the throne. Poku, refusing to see a war between her people uses her charisma and mystical powers to avoid the conflict. She unfortunately fails and is forced to live under the regime imposed by Kongouê Bian. Refusing to live under his rule, she chooses exile. Despite her departure, the current King decides to chase her, following a prophecy stating that a woman will lead the kingdom, something he doesn’t want to see happen.

Abla Poku or Abena Pokua, Abraha Poukou or Aura Poku is a Princess who existed. She is known among the Ashanti people and is part of the History of Côte d’Ivoire where she is considered the mother of the Baoulé people, one of the main Ivorian ethnic groups.

Release date: Summer 2013.

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