I saw the documentary Tribal Wives: Afar produced by BBC with my dear Oromo friend and we were cracking up during the whole thing. The american lady was beyond annoying and at times…ignorant. But the family received and treated her like a daughter/sister, which doesn’t come off as a surprise because that’s how most if not all Africans react when in contact with foreigners.Β 

I love how the Afar people were not impressed by the white american woman and how they didn’t find her beautiful [as you can see on my screencaps]. Β The only time they were starting to call her beautiful was when they dressed her as own of their own: a very powerful statement, in my opinion, because we are so used to be bombarded by a certain beauty standard even in far areas of the world. We laughed so hard when one of the ladies told her: It wouldn’t look good on you because you’re white, as a response to her quest to know if she could get one of the “facial tattoos”. We also screamed when they kept asking: why is she crying? I hate when they come over here and start crying for no damn reason. Keep your tears at home before coming, it’s not working everywhere.Β 

I’m usually not a fan of western documentaries on ethnic groups in Africa and I am often disgusted [ because of stereotypes, ignorance, generalizations and so forth] but this one was worth my time. The Afar family was so real, funny and put her in her place without even trying to be mean. Here’s the link for those who are interested [I advise you to ignore the comments as 95% are made by uncultured and uneducated idiots thinking they are being funny].

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